In Malaysia, professional social work was introduced by the British Colonial Administration as early as the 1930s but it was mainly focused on problems of migrant labourers from India and China. It was only after World War II, when social problems of displacement, juvenile delinquency and poverty became more prominent, that a Department of Social Welfare was formerly established in 1946. Social work services were introduced in terms of financial aid for the needy, probation programs for juvenile delinquents, protection homes for women and girls, and residential care for the disabled and the aged.

The first specialisation in social work began in the early 1950s with British expatriates posted to local government hospitals as ‘Almoners’ until local trained social workers replaced them following the end of British administration. A second specialisation was in probation work with juvenile delinquents, where welfare officers were sent overseas for special training.

The British Almoners had formed the first professional body for social workers, the Malayan Association of Almoners (MAA) in 1955. In the late 1960s it was re-named the Malaysian Association of Medical Social Workers (MAMSW) which successfully fought for a professional scheme of service within the civil service. In the early 1970s, medical social workers thought it was necessary to establish a national body to include their peers from social welfare,prisons and social work education programmes.The Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW)was thus formed on the 3rd of March 1973, and registered with the Registrar of Societies on the 28th March 1974 (ROS 1387 Selangor), while the MAMSW was dissolved on the 16th of May 1975.

MASW is registered as an affiliate member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) since July 1974, and with the Malaysian Professional Centre (BIM) since July 1975. It ia also an Associate Member of the Commonwealth Organisation of Social Workers since 1993, and has a representative on the IFSW- Asia Pacific Executive Committee as Publications Secretary. Its members are also actively involved with the Asia Pacific Association of Social Work Educators and the International Association of Schools of Social Work.


Protecting children during COVID-19 / Melindungi kanak-kanak semasa COVID-19
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International Social Work Symposium 2019
  1. The Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW) in collaboration with Social Welfare Department of Malaysia (JKMM) and Social Institute of Malaysia (ISM) are organising a two-day International Social Work Symposium in conjunction with its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 27th & 28th April 2019. International Social Work Symposium 2019
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MASW Milestone
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Social Work with Refugees Seminar
UNHCR & MASW with the support of the Bar Council’s Migrants, Refugees, and Immigration Affairs
Monday 13 th November 2017.... READ MORE....

Diploma in Social Work
Dear Members,
We wish to happily announce that MQA has approved the application for Methodist College Kuala Lumpur to run the Diploma in Social Work course at its meeting on 24th May 2016. "Diploma in Social Work - (MQA/PA 8500)
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Apabila seorang pekerja sosial yang berkelayakan membantu memberi penjagaan khas dan sokongan kepada kanak-kanak yang memerlukan...

When a qualified Social Worker intervenes, a neglected or abused child is more likely to overcome their distress or trauma...

The emphasis is on developing your professionalism, and how that journey translates into everyday practice...

A number of universities now offer joint MBA-MSW degrees.,,

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National Competency Standards
for Social Work Practice

  1. Enhancing Social Work Professionalism
  2. Joint Statement


  • Be an active advocate for professional competency in social work practice, education and research
  • To be a relevant forum for assessing, identifying and managing social problems
  • To be an effective resource of professional support to its members
  • To participate dynamically in networking with government and non-government agencies locally and internationally in the pursuit of professional competency in all areas of social work.


  • To seek professional competency in social work practice, education and research.