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Respect for Persons

Social workers respect the inherent worth and dignity of all persons in:

  1. Their right to self-determination in decision making

  2. Their right to participation in the helping process

  3. Their right to confidentiality of personal information (when the safety of the individual or other persons is not at risk)

  4. Their right to being considered as persons having their own social and cultural environment

  5. Their right to securing safety, protection and well-being for themselves

Social Justice

Social workers promote social justice for all persons through the practice of, and advocacy for:

  1. Non-discrimination in relation to ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender,language, marital status, physique, political inclinations, race, religious or spiritual beliefs, socio-economic standing and sexual orientation

  2. Fair and equitable distribution of information, opportunities, resources and services

  3. Changing unjust policies, systems, regulations, conditions and practices which perpetuate social exclusion, stigmatisation and oppression of those who are especially vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised

Professional Integrity

The practice of social work is based on the intrinsic values of honesty,accountability, transparency, impartiality, reliability and responsibility. Social workers demonstrate professionalism and respect for the profession by adhering to these values.

Practice Competency

Social workers uphold the client’s rights to receive competent social work services by:

  1. Providing professionally accountable and ethical assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of issues raised

  2. Being cognisant of, and sensitive to, socio-cultural diversities

  3. Practising within the boundaries of their competence

  4. Improving professional proficiency through continuing education and training

  5. Seeking regular professional supervision and appropriate consultation where required

  6. Developing and contributing new professional knowledge through research and teaching

Core Values And Principles Of Social Work: List
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