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Social Work is Special Work


It’s time to recognize the invaluable contribution of social workers in the lives of children, families and communities in Malaysia.

While we acknowledge the challenges faced by social workers, we want to celebrate their triumphs, too. We want to shift the narrative, emphasising the positive outcomes achieved when we truly understand and support the needs of social workers.

The Social Workers’ Wishlists

Issues and Challenges They Face 

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Change the Story. Change Lives.

At the heart of social work are the people. When social workers empower survivors of violence, people with disabilities and others — they do it with patience and dedication, bringing about transformation one life at a time.

Social workers provide vital support to communities and the most vulnerable in our societies, including children. While passion for the work drives many social workers, they must receive the recognition, investment and support to continue carrying out their work effectively.

Show your love and appreciation

for these heroes among us.

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