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The Vision:
Elevating Social Work
for a Better Tomorrow


Given the complexity and wide-reaching impact of social work on the lives of vulnerable populations, it requires a qualified and well-supported workforce.

In recognition of this, in 2020, Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) endorsed the Ha Noi Declaration on Strengthening Social Work for Cohesive and Responsive ASEAN Community, calling for the professionalisation and expansion of social work. Within Malaysia, the Department of Social Welfare developed their own Strategic Plans to strengthen social work practice. With the Sustainable Development Goals, Malaysia has committed to ending violence against children.

To achieve these aims, it will be of critical importance to strengthen social work and the workforce.

We have a historic opportunity to stand with social workers in Malaysia to ensure they reach their fullest potential and to address our society’s changing needs by:


  • Recognizing our #HeroesAmongUs by approving and implementing the Social Work Profession Bill

  • Increasing the impact of social work by enabling our #HeroesAmongUs to spend more time on following up each case, by employing more professional social workers, and improving their supervision and support

  • Giving positive visibility and understanding of what professional social workers, our #HeroesAmongUs, do.

A Hopeful Future

This is not a distant dream, but a realistic goal with your support. 

Show your love and appreciation

for these heroes among us.

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