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In conjunction with the World Social Work Day (WSWD) 2024 celebration, the Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW) will be organizing an online forum titled, “Social Work and Care Economy: Shared Future for Transformative Change for Persons with Disabilities”.

Thereby, we would like to invite your good self to participate in this forum, details of the program are as follows;

Date: Tuesday, 19th March 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Platform: Zoom (Link will be given only to registered participants).

Closing date: Sunday, 17th March 2024

Register now!
See you at the forum!


Social Workers Profession Bill: Here’s Why It’s Very Important

The Social Work Profession Bill or Rang Undang-undang Profesion Kerja Social is imperative for the betterment of people living in Malaysia, we have talked so much about it, made it clear that the bill needs to be passed by Malaysian lawmakers in Parliament. 

But have you heard why it is so important for social workers themselves? Well, that is exactly why The Rakyat Post's journalist came and interviewed one of our life members Mangleswary Subramaniam to expose why the bill is important for social workers and their clients. 

Read more about it at the link below;


Professionalising Social Work Fact Sheet

After running the Heroes Among Us campaign for almost a year we also made a fact sheet in both Malay and English to further highlight the need to pass the bill in Parliament. 

The fact sheets were made with the help of our partners in UNICEF Malaysia too. 

In the fact sheet you can find information on the state of social work, social workers and their struggles in Malaysia, why the bill is needed and a lot more information on social work industry in Malaysia. 

To read the full document click the links below. 

Professionalizing Social Work in Malaysia:
The Case for the Social Work Profession Bill

Memprofesionalkan Kerja Sosial di Malaysia:
Kes untuk Rang Undang-undang Profesion Kerja Sosial

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