The Malaysian Association of Social Workers had its 44th Annual General Meeting at Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya, on Saturday 13 May 2017, attended by 24 members, and 9 non-members.

Before the AGM, the outgoing President, Mr Teoh Ai Hua gave a Special Address entitled “Eight Years in Thirty Minutes” to describe his tenure of 8 years heading the Association since he was recruited into the Executive Committee. He expressed his gratitude in being able to play a significant role in the development of the National Competency Standards for Social Work Practice and the drafting of the Social Work Profession Bill as well as the competency framework training programmes funded by UNICEF, and the eventual launch of the Diploma in Social Work Programme at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. It has been an exciting and inspiring period of growth and movement for the Association and he hopes the new line-up of committee members will continue to raise the image and impact of the profession and the Association.

A new line-up of committee members were elected for the term 2017-2019:

President: Prof Dr Ismail Baba
Vice President: Mrs Amy Bala Nee Amy T.K. Jones
Hon. Secretary: Encik Mohd Iqbal Haqim b Mohd Nor
Hon. Asst Secretary Datin Rodhiah Zakaria
Hon Treasurer Mr Lim Yeong Yeong
Ex-Co Members: Prof Dr Azlinda bt Azman
Mr. Raymund N.C. Jagan
Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria
Ms Elsie Lee Pek Neo
Internal Auditors: Cik Sharima Ruwaida bt Abbas
Puan Norbayah bt Ariffin

Past Presidents

Teoh Ai Hua 2011-2013,2013-2015,2015-2017
Amy T.K. Jones 2005-2007
Elsie Lee 2001-2003, 2003-2005, 2007-2009
K.N. Singham 1999-2001
Associate Professor Siti Hawa Ali 1995-1997
Puan Hjh Umi Kalthum Abdul Karim 1993-1995
Tuan Hj Hitam Chik 1991-1993
Anthony Tan 1987-1989, 1997-1999
Dato’ Mohamad Hussain 1985-1987
Mohd Hassan Hj Ngah Mahmud 1981-1982
Dato’ Adnan Hj Abdullah 1978-1981
Puan Sri Chong Eu Ngoh 1975-1978
Muhammad Mohd Nor 1974-1975
Datuk Abdullah Malim Baginda 1973-1974, 1982-1985, 1989-1991

MASW would like to thank all the members and friends who attended the talk and the AGM. We sadly missed a number of our senior members who have passed on, namely Mr. Peter Jeshurun, Associate Prof. Dr. Faizah Yunus, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angeline Cheah Soo Bee, Mr. Anthony Tan, Mr. R.S. Vengadesan, Miss P.C. Sushama and Tuan Haji Hitam bin Chik.

We greatly appreciate the presence of our 92 years old Life Member, Ms Katherine Alves, a retired medical social worker who took a cab to attend the AGM. Her dedication and commitment to the profession and to the Association serves as an inspiration to fellow members.


Apabila seorang pekerja sosial yang berkelayakan membantu memberi penjagaan khas dan sokongan kepada kanak-kanak yang memerlukan...

When a qualified Social Worker intervenes, a neglected or abused child is more likely to overcome their distress or trauma...

The emphasis is on developing your professionalism, and how that journey translates into everyday practice...

A number of universities now offer joint MBA-MSW degrees.,,

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National Competency Standards
for Social Work Practice

  1. Enhancing Social Work Professionalism
  2. Joint Statement


  • Be an active advocate for professional competencyin social work practice, education and research
  • To be a relevant forum for assessing, identifying and managing social problems
  • To be an effective resource of professional support to its members
  • o be a relevant forum for assessing, identifying and managing social problems
  • To participate dynamically in networkingwith government and non-government agencies locally and internationallyin the pursuit of professional competency in all areas of social work.


  • To seek professional competency in social work practice, education and research.